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CarLogix simplifies asset health monitoring and repair management. Constant visibility into car health creates opportunities to proactively address any health concerns.

If any AAR repairs occur, CarLogix's automated audit ensures that you were billed appropriately. With industry knowledge embedded in CarLogix, you'll never have to reference a manual or spend hours on audits.

Learn why fleet managers, car owners and lease parties turn to CarLogix to simplify asset health and repair management.

Asset Management Support

Equipment Health Report

  • The CarLogix Equipment Health report provides up-to-date information about open alerts, early warnings, maintenance advisories, and Umler® car characteristics on a single screen.

Report Analytics

  • Graphical, analytical and historical reports provide the information you need to manage your fleet and your billing
  • Make informed decisions with easily accessible key metrics tailored to your needs

Car Repair Billing Automation

Accounts Payable

  • Downloads accounts payable files
  • Executes automated audits to find exceptions 
  • Automates exception letter creation and emailing process
  • Identifies re-billable repairs

Accounts Receivable (optional)

  • Automatically generates invoices and submits the data exchange 500-byte file 
  • Provides an electronic accounts receivable summary

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