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Designed specifically to support auto ramp maintenance operations and meet the Multi-Level Pool Billing (MLPB) requirements, CarLogix Pool Billing ensures repairs are recorded easily and accurately.

Unparalleled Customer Service

The CarLogix team of experts will work with you to identify your current challenges, map job codes to inventory and design a process that works for your business.

Save Time During Pre-Trip Inspections

CarLogix eliminates the pain points in billing for auto rack maintenance. The system automatically creates correct pre-trip inspections for a list of cars, so you don’t have to waste time with repetitive billing tasks. CarLogix also ensures MLPB files are accepted the first time, driving efficiency.


Repair Entry

  • Simple repair entry guides users through billing
  • Multi- work order entry creates a work order for all pre-tripped cars in one step

Pricing & Validation Service

  • Integrates company-defined labor rates, time standards and material costs to accurately price repairs

Work Order Support

  • Allows all repairs to be entered on a single work order and bills to the appropriate pool under the name of the road you are servicing

Back Office Support

Accounts Receivable: For Ramp Operators

  • Automatically generates invoices and submits the MLPB exchange file 
  • Provides an accounts receivable summary and inventory usage report

Accounts Payable: For Car Owners

  • Downloads accounts payable files
  • Provides an accounts payable summary and detailed reports

Learn how CarLogix can turn your billing process into a business advantage

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