The Loading Authority (OT-5) system provides a centralized, paperless process for submitting and approving OT-5 applications. It facilitates the potential placement of private freight equipment at specified loading locations on a railroad.

The Loading Authority (OT-5) system is being retired effective January 2, 2020 and is being replaced by the new Loading Authority (OT-57) system.

Refer to the following notifications for information about the new Loading Authority (OT-57) system, which will be available on December 12, 2019:

For rail equipment to be approved for potential loading, submit an OT-5 application to the linehaul carrier for the loading location, as specified in the Association of American Railroads' OT-5 Circular, effective since 2009. Railroads must approve OT-5 applications before private railcars can be placed in service on the North American rail network.

The controlling entity (railcar owner or lessee) or its representative is responsible for submitting an OT-5 application. The application is submitted to the relevant Class I railroad, which reviews and approves or rejects the application within 45 days.

Getting Started

To access the OT-5 system:

  1. Register for a reporting mark or Railinc Company ID using the Railinc Onboarding Application. There is a one-time setup charge for registering a company ID with Railinc.

  2. To access the OT-5 system, go to the Single Sign-On (SSO) portal on Railinc’s home page. Follow the instructions to register or log in. Contact the Railinc Customer Success Center by email at or by phone at 877-724-5462 with questions.

  3. Request permission to access Loading Authority (OT-5) as a submitter.

After you receive an email from Railinc confirming approval of your permission request, you may log in to with your Railinc SSO and use the Loading Authority (OT-5) system.

Loading Authority (OT-5) resources are available to download, including the User Guide and FAQ document.