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With so much data readily available today, the TransmetriQ team is looking for better ways to develop insights that are actionable. Dashboards that just monitor operations aren’t enough – customers need solutions that help them mitigate disruptions before they occur and will inform their planning. Developing these predictive insights requires both deep rail knowledge and data science expertise.

Rail Runs on Insights
The Leaders in Freight Rail Visibility
The Leaders in Freight Rail Visibility

TransmetriQ has developed a number of new products – detailed below – that help customers manage a variety of actions based on better visibility. But the original, flagship visibility product continues to be TransmetriQ’s RailSight Track and Trace. This is the only comprehensive, single-source rail shipment-tracking service available. RailSight Track and Trace sends out near real-time rail data around the clock, tracking railcars and intermodal equipment on more than 580 rail carriers throughout North America. And though it has been serving customers for years, the team continues to add new features, with an API function coming in 2023 that will help to modernize the way customers can consume RailSight data.

Committed to Customers
Committed to Customers

Last year, the business solutions team helped more customers secure better visibility for their freight rail needs than ever before – leading to record growth for TransmetriQ. The solutions team works closely with customers to define their needs and leverage rail shipping knowledge to lead them to the right solution for their situation. Coupled with TransmetriQ’s amazing support staff and product teams, customers experience customized attention throughout their TransmetriQ journey.

Mika Majapuro
For supply chain management to truly make a difference, shippers and asset owners need to know what’s going to happen before it happens. That is no small feat, especially in the world of rail. That’s why at TransmetriQ, we employ a team of advanced data scientists along with our railroading experts. With this team, we generate predictive insights unlike any other provider.
Mika Majapuro
TransmetriQ VP of Product Management and Strategy

RMS: A Transportation Management System Built for Rail

A Year of Responding to Customer Needs

At Railinc, we’ve worked with shippers and asset owners for more than two decades. A challenge we heard over and over was that rail is complex, and most TMS providers don’t fully account for its intricacies. We knew we were the right team for the challenge. Working with a group of rail shippers, we developed a TMS designed specifically for rail: Rail Management System (RMS).

Designed to Simplify

Many rail shippers utilize multiple systems to book freight, track shipments and analyze operations. We worked side-by-side with prominent rail shippers to develop an all-in-one solution, eliminating the need for multiple systems or manual spreadsheets. Employing direct feedback from rail shippers, the TransmetriQ team successfully designed and built a system that simplifies shipping by rail in four key areas: visibility, billing, asset management, and reporting.

With RMS, rail shippers can run operations more efficiently and confidently. Automatic accuracy validations ensure shipping instructions are correct the first time. High-quality data ensures shippers have up-to-date information. And a fully customizable analytics interface means shippers can monitor in a way that works for their business – ultimately providing them with the insights and support to optimize their day-to-day operations.

Making the right supply chain decisions is easier with RMS. Here are a few reasons why.

  • Make confident decisions with the most up-to-date insights
  • Eliminate shipping rework and ensure Bill of Lading accuracy
  • Get the information you need about your assets faster
  • Monitor the metrics important to you with just the click of a button

The Power to Predict


Estimated Time of Arrival. It’s the single most elusive data point in logistics. Train types, operational plans and more can affect ETA, so how can we get an accurate estimate? Our data science team tackled this challenge with sequence modeling.

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Advanced ETA modeling analyzes rail trips happening in real time and iteratively predicts ETA based on historical, current, and predicted events – giving shippers a more accurate ETA than any previous Railinc models.

Wheelset Intelligence

Similarly, wheelsets account for more than 50% of most equipment owners’ maintenance costs. But most owners have little control over how and when most wheelset replacements happen. Utilizing data from millions of wheelset lifecycles tracked by the Railinc Component Tracking program, we’re an insight never before available: a prediction of remaining useful wheelset life.

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Working with equipment owners, TransmetriQ has developed predictive intelligence to identify the crucial missing information from all current strategies: when wheelsets will fail.

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