Cloud-to-cloud railcar data integration facilitates more efficient interchange of railcars between carriers

The process for updating railcar data has been optimized in Railinc’s Umler® system—the industry’s single source that includes more than two million pieces of North American rail, steamship, and highway equipment.

“Those users who have been managing this massive database through periodic receipt of equipment update messages can, instead, have access to continuously updated railcar data,” says Clayton Miller, product manager, Railinc.

The development of integrated cloud-to-cloud data sharing is of particular value during the daily interchange of hundreds of thousands of rail freight cars. Critical safety information and updates to the characteristics of cars—including inspection dates and equipment modifications—are required before cars can be accepted by one railroad for movement by a connecting carrier.

Miller led a Railinc team in this two-year development effort. The cloud-to-cloud system was launched last year and is ready for implementation by railcar owners, lessors, and railroads. The system provides another option for managing this data and is not mandatory.

“The use of Snowflake data integration made it possible for us to create this system, which is faster, easier to use, and more flexible than many traditional approaches,” says Miller.

Innovative solutions for rail industry needs are a hallmark of Railinc’s work.

“Our team listened to their industry peers and went to work to create a new resource for the rail industry to keep rail shipments moving safely and efficiently,” says Railinc President Allen West. “I am proud of their accomplishment.”

More information about railcar data management is available on our website.