We are excited to announce that Railinc’s commercial business unit is rebranding to TransmetriQ. 

This rebrand will provide new opportunities to expand offerings and better serve customer needs through existing TransmetriQ products, like the RailSight Suite of Applications, CarLogix and Analytics Solutions.

Why We're Rebranding

TransmetriQ products have existed for years known by their individual names. As our teams work to improve our current products and develop the next generation of transportation solutions, it is important to have a brand that reflects the essence of our work.

So, what, and who, is TransmetriQ?

TransmetriQ is powered by Railinc.

TransmetriQ products, like RailSight and CarLogix, are all about helping customers take their businesses further, faster, with next-generation technology. Railinc's non-TransmetriQ, AAR-focused products also use technology to help customers improve their business, but they do so in different ways, on different timelines, and for different customers, making it important to create a distinction between TransmetriQ products and Railinc's AAR-focused products

This rebrand should make it easier for customers to understand how TransmetriQ products can help your business and what kinds of projects the TransmetriQ team is equipped to do. 

TransmetriQ’s team is a group of Railinc transportation experts, product managers, UX designers, software developers, data scientists and critical thinkers developing insights and solutions that help our customers build businesses that compete and win.

Choosing Our New Name

We spoke with customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders to determine how the TransmetriQ, previously Commercial, organization was perceived. Ultimately, we determined that we needed a name that encompassed three key brand components:

  • Transportation: TransmetriQ solutions aren't only rail focused. We work with shippers, ports and other entities in addition to railroads and equipment owners. 
  • Metrics and Analytics: TransmetriQ customers use insights and technology from TransmetriQ solutions to optimize their businesses. Analytics and next-generation technology are what enable TransmetriQ solutions. 
  • IQ: Our teams and our solutions are always seeking to optimize. We eliminate manual processes and break efficiency barriers by putting the latest and greatest technology, like AI and ML, to work. 

And so TransmetriQ was born — a name built from the feedback of our customers and stakeholders. 

What Changes You'll See

Some changes will be taking place over the next few weeks to complete this rebrand. TransmetriQ applications will be updated to reflect the new name, and TransmetriQ will have a new logo, website and social media presence to aid in sharing our capabilities with the world. 

We also used our stakeholders' feedback when choosing our logo. The TransmetriQ team is bold, fast, energetic and adventurous, but also resourceful, business-oriented and organized. Our new logo, seen below, combines those sentiments into an asterisk shape with bold colors representing our energy, a rail crossing sign harkening back to our roots in Railinc, intersecting streams showing the resources we employ, and a plus sign showing the ultimate value we add to your business.

TransmetriQ Logo

TransmetriQ will also be under the leadership of Mika Majapuro, an experienced technology executive who has led Railinc's TransmetriQ business unit for almost two years. 

 “TransmetriQ’s team of transportation experts, product managers, UX designers, software developers, data scientists and critical thinkers comprise a unique team in the supply chain sector,” says Majapuro. “Our goal is to develop insights and solutions that help customers build businesses that compete and win.”

Visit the New TransmetriQ Web Site