Railinc has upgraded the Interline Service Agreement (ISA) Repository, streamlining the process of entering into an ISA and making the application easily accessible to railroads of all sizes. The upgrade to the repository helps railroads that operate in and around major rail gateways improve planning and communication with their interchange partners. About 130 freight-rail industry participants use the ISA Repository. Railinc developed the upgrade of the ISA Repository under the guidance of the Association of American Railroads’ Gateway Performance Improvement Committee.

“The ISA Repository helps railroads that are involved in interchange operate more effectively and is critical to the flow of rail traffic,” said Railinc CEO and President Allen West. “The upgrade makes this powerful resource more accessible to smaller railroads, reduces confusion around complex interchange operations and enables cost savings across the industry.”

An ISA is an agreement between two railroads that details the frequency, time, location and other critical information about their interchange activities. To create an ISA through the Railinc application, a railroad logs in and enters the terms of the agreement. The repository sends an automated email to the partner railroad for approval. New features include a simpler user interface, the ability to approve an ISA via email and an automated rejection system that sends a notice to all involved parties if an ISA does not receive approval within two weeks.

For more information about the ISA Repository, contact the Railinc Customer Support Center at (877) 724-5462 or by email at csc@railinc.com.