The Standard Transportation Commodity Code (STCC) is a publication containing specific product information used on waybills and other shipping documents. A STCC code is a seven digit numeric code representing 38 commodity groupings. Assignment of a STCC Code is associated by a commodity description developed to conform with exact descriptions in freight transportation classifications of rail and motor carriers. Accompanying a STCC code are two corresponding codes, Harmonized Commodity Description Coding System (HS) and a Standard Classification of Transported Goods (SCTG) category.

Proposals for new STCC codes are received from various sources including carriers, private industries and individuals. STCC proposal requests are submitted to Railinc's Business Services Division using "Form for New STCC Identification" attached to the STCC master or monthly supplements. Proposals are processed monthly by the STCC Committee, and if approved, the new STCC code and description are published concurrently with the STCC 6001 supplements.

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