Food Logistics has named Railinc to its 2020 Top Green Providers list. Each year, this list serves to recognize companies whose products, services or exemplary leadership is enhancing sustainability within the food and beverage industry. 

“Railinc recognizes the importance of sustainability and is proud of the part we play in making the global food supply chain more efficient,” Ward Proctor, Railinc’s director of business solutions, said. “We are very pleased and honored to be named a Top Green Provider by Food Logistics.” 

The North American freight rail industry overall is dedicated to limiting greenhouse emissions, reducing its carbon footprint and increasing fuel efficiency with technology. According to the AAR, freight rail is the most efficient and sustainable mode of transportation for freight goods. With just one gallon of fuel, a ton of freight can be moved more than 470 miles, and less than 1 percent of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions come from freight railroads.

Railinc solutions facilitate increased use of rail by major food and beverage shippers who require a high level of supply chain visibility. The RailSight™ suite of applications makes it possible for shippers to use both intermodal and carload shipments that provide the essential time-to-market performance and reliability required when moving perishable shipments or products that must be protected from tampering or contamination. With visibility from RailSight’s unmatched breadth and depth of data, food and beverage shippers can confidently choose rail as a sustainable shipping option. 

“The importance of sustainability cannot be overemphasized when building an adaptive and resilient supply chain. Rail continues to be an optimal choice for freight transportation with its inherent efficiencies and minimal impact to the environment and infrastructure,” said Proctor. “Railinc’s commercial team is proud to be a provider of technology solutions that enable shippers and logistics service providers to leverage rail in their supply chains and transportation offerings.”

The annual Top Green Providers list consists of 3PLs, technology companies, transportation providers, cold storage providers and many more that have become leaders in the sustainable global food supply chain. Railinc appears alongside this year’s other honorees in the June 2020 issue of Food Logistics. To view the full list of 2020 honorees, click here