RailSight is a suite of applications designed to deliver rail shipment and equipment management data through a flexible framework that can be adapted to support your changing business needs. Whether you need the unmatched depth and breadth of rail data available through RailSight Track and Trace or the easy-to-use hosted solutions available with RailSight Monitor and RailSight Demand Trace, RailSight offers it all from the industry-leading source for rail data. See for yourself why leading shippers, equipment owners, 3PLs and transportation management software providers choose Railinc's RailSight to provide rail shipment and equipment management data.

RailSight Track & Trace

The only comprehensive, single-source shipment-tracking service available, RailSight Track and Trace sends out real-time rail data around the clock, tracking railcars and intermodal equipment on more than 560 rail carriers throughout North America. By enhancing overall visibility and eliminating blind spots in the rail tracking process, RailSight Track and Trace makes sense of rail equipment, routes and schedules, and empowers you with critical and actionable information on your rail equipment and shipments.

RailSight Monitor

Whether you are tracking railcar shipments, intermodal shipments or equipment, RailSight Monitor gives you real-time, immediate and actionable information so you can:

  • Quickly identify problem cars and shipments with exception reporting and views

  • Easily track equipment for daily operations planning and fleet optimization

  • Manage loaded and empty equipment

RailSight Demand Trace

RailSight Demand Trace gives you access to the complete lifecycle of your shipments and equipment for more informed decisions and better planning. RailSight Demand Trace gives you the freedom and flexibility to run as many traces as your business needs require. With three trace types—last event, new event and historical events—and 12 reporting options, you get just the data you need, when you need it.

RailSight Alerts

RailSight Alerts is a component of the RailSight application that enables users to create and manage alerts so that they are notified when certain conditions exist for equipment in their fleets. The application sends e-mail notifications to designated recipients each time an equipment event matches the criteria of an alert.

RailSight Messaging

RailSight Messaging turns your electronic supply chain into an operational asset with the most secure, reliable and efficient communications available. With deep industry connections, unsurpassed rail-data expertise and an advanced IT infrastructure, Railinc is uniquely positioned to reduce the delays and high costs associated with other VANs.