Railinc established its Wellness Program in 2012, and since then the company has been continuously recognized as one of the healthiest employers in the Triangle by both Triangle Business Journal and Healthiest Employers®.

For the past 10 years, we have seen the wellness program adjust to internal and external factors, including a global pandemic! In 2020, we hired a wellness coordinator to lead our wellness program and support programming. Participation continues to grow as new employees join the company and explore the options available to them. We also welcome suggestions from employees and add programming based on their recommendations.

Activities and resources available to employees include onsite fitness classes, an onsite fitness center and a year-round raffle for fresh produce delivery. Off campus, you may see employees participating in sports and recreation leagues at a nearby park.

When in-office activities shifted to remote during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, our wellness coordinator began leading remote health and wellness programs that encourage healthy habits not only in the workplace, but also at home.

In-person events have slowly been reincorporated over the course of 2022, but we’re conscious of maintaining hybrid availability for our employees, including offering step challenges that can be completed at home. We recently held our annual 5K/10K race – which offered an in-person option and a remote option – and are looking forward to the “Yam Jam”, where we’ll sort through thousands of pounds of potatoes all in the name of community service.

Our Wellness Program Remains One of the Best in Triangle

The results speak for themselves. Recently, Railinc was once again named one of the healthiest employers in the Triangle by Healthiest Employers, thanks to the Wellness Program and participating employees. This year Railinc went against dozens of small-sized companies based in the Triangle to take home second place. You can find the full list of 2022 winners here.

Railinc’s Wellness Coordinator Jacqueline Grimm leads the health and wellness programming at the company and was thrilled with the result.

“Winning this award is a great testimony of how our employees at Railinc make healthy choices at work and at home. Our health and wellness programs have adapted to our hybrid working environment to meet the needs of all employees,” she said. “I’m grateful for every employee who participates in our wellness activities. Without them our wellness program would not be successful and we could not have placed so well this year.”

Our program will continue to evolve as our company grows. We’re always open to new opportunities and are excited for another ten years of promoting health and wellness to our employees.

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—Railinc Corporate Communications