Periodically, the Association of American Railroads (AAR), in consultation with industry experts, issues guidance on a wide range of topics related to rail transportation. This guidance is published in OT circulars. Below is a list of the circulars currently in effect as well as a list of expired circulars. Select a circular's number to view its contents.


Active Circulars

NumberOrigin DateDescription and Issuing OfficerDate Reviewed or UpdatedEffective DateExpired DateOversight Committee
OT-212/1/81Recommended Operating Practices for "Schnabel" and other Special Cars Equipped with Span Bolsters (Nichole Fimple)12/27/1311/1/12OpenEEC
OT-39/1/82Timely and Accurate Reporting of Mileage Earned by Private and Railroad Owned Cars Operated on a Mileage Basis Of Compensation — Time Limit Within which Private Car Owners May File Claims (Nichole Fimple)1/1/121/1/12OpenEAC
OT-57/1/89Rules Governing Assignment of Reporting Marks and Mechanical Designations (Nichole Fimple)12/12/192/1/20OpenEAC
OT-710/1/80Uniform Application of Mileage Tariff Governing the Computation of Mileage Allowances on Cars of Private Ownership (Nichole Fimple)1/1/121/1/12OpenEAC
OT-101/1/85Code of Car Service and Car Hire Rules – Freight (Nichole Fimple)7/1/12Updated MonthlyOpenEAC
OT-163/1/87Application of Transportation and Car Hire Charges for Bad Order Cars, when Owner Responsibility or Handling Line Responsibility (Nichole Fimple)1/1/121/1/12OpenEAC
OT-1712/1/76Recommended Practices for Inspecting, Testing and Repairing Industry Track Scales (Nichole Fimple)4/1/134/1/13OpenEAC
OT-1812/1/90Recommended Operating Practices For Control of End of Train (E-O-T) Devices (Nichole Fimple)1/1/241/1/24OpenEAC
OT-228/1/93Recommended Reporting Standards for Shipments Moving under Car Haulage Agreements (Nichole Fimple)1/1/121/1/12OpenEAC
OT-241/1/89Rules Governing the Reporting of Valuation and Age Data on Freight Cars and Superstructures Bearing Railroad Reporting Marks for Car Hire Rate Purposes (Nichole Fimple)3/1/241/1/24OpenEAC
OT-281/20/75Short Line Connections (Nichole Fimple)7/1/077/1/07OpenEAC
OT-347/1/84Procedures for Reporting Car Grade (Nichole Fimple)5/1/215/1/21OpenEAC
OT-361/1/84Code of Trailer and Container Service and Reporting Rules (Nichole Fimple)1/1/129/1/92OpenIC
OT-381/1/79Description, Marking, Numbering and Reporting of Articulated Cars (Nichole Fimple)11/1/1211/1/12OpenEEC
OT-481/1/84Instructions for Handling Damaged Tank Cars Stenciled "Home for Repairs—Do Not Load" (Nichole Fimple)6/1/136/1/13OpenEEC
OT-492/10/75Procedures for Notification of Operating Personnel in Connection with the Movement of FRA Defective Freight Cars Home for Repair (Nichole Fimple)6/1/136/1/13OpenARB
OT-558/23/01Recommended Railroad Operating Practices For Transportation of Hazardous Materials (Mike Rush)4/1/205/1/19OpenESSC
OT-567/16/18Compliance with Electronic Data Interchange requirements pertaining to advanced Interline Consist Transmission (Nichole Fimple)7/16/187/16/18OpenEAC
OT-572/01/20Registration of Contact and Storage Information for Private Cars (Nichole Fimple)3/1/232/1/20OpenEAC
TD-11/01/75Recommended Embargo Placement and Embargoed Traffic Handling (Nichole Fimple)1/2/241/1/21OpenEAC


Archive of Expired Circulars

NumberOrigin DateDescription and Issuing OfficerDate Reviewed or UpdatedEffective DateExpired DateOversight Committee
OT-69/1/81Instructions Pertaining to The Movement of Cars of Private Ownership and Carriers' Responsibility for Mileage Caused by Railroad Error (J.J. Robinson)2/1/129/1/812/1/12EAC
OT-87/1/78Uniform Application of Per Diem Rules to Cars Delivered Industries and Taken Out and/or Forwarded By Other Than The Delivering Road (J.J. Robinson)9/1/127/1/789/1/12EAC
OT-219/1/73Experimental Load Cards (J.J. Robinson)6/1/139/1/736/1/13OTLRC
OT-2311/1/81Removal of Owner's Registered Reporting Marks Or Initials From Locomotives, Passenger, Freight And TOFC/COFC Equipment At Time Of Sale (J.J. Robinson)5/15/1311/1/816/1/13UC
OT-266/1/81Handling Loads of Dimensions in Excess of Published Clearances and Locomotives, Cranes and Industrial Equipment Moving on Own Wheels (J.J. Robinson)6/1/136/1/816/1/13OTLRC
OT-306/1/83Rules Governing the Application, Inspection, Recording and Care of Car Seals (J.J. Robinson)6/1/836/1/834/1/13DPFC
OT-375/1/86Supplemental Car Hire Charges for Rehabilitated Cars (J.J. Robinson)2/1/125/1/862/1/12EAC
OT-411/1/87Track Scale Calibration Program by the Federal Grain Inspection Service—U.S. Department of Agriculture (Nichole Fimple)6/3/116/3/114/12/22AAR
OT-427/1/92Uniform Mileage Format, Detail Report & Summary Reports for use in Reporting Data to Private Car Owners and Mileage Equalization for Private Tank Cars Per Mileage Tariff 7 Series (J.J. Robinson)2/1/127/1/922/1/12EAC
OT-449/15/80Handling Loads of Extraordinary Value (J.J. Robinson)4/1/139/15/804/1/13DPFC
OT-539/1/83Documentation Requirements for The Acceptance of TOFC/COFC Shipments (J.J. Robinson)9/1/839/1/834/23/14IOC
OT-5411/21/85Shipments of Hazardous Materials/Dangerous Goods to or through Canada (J.J. Robinson)4/21/1411/21/854/21/14BOE