Railinc is a nimble, product-driven organization that leads across industries in the Agile development methodology. The Railinc culture is built on the agile approach - get closer to customers and produce better solutions, faster. Agile facilitates building out technology models quickly and prevents investing too much time or too many resources in places that deliver the least value.

Railinc employees work in self-managed teams that base their daily innovations on interactions with business representatives and end-users. Two-week development schedules give customers early and ample opportunity to revise product features based on business needs. Early customer feedback builds confidence in the process. Customers get the high-quality products they need in less time than they thought possible, and teams learn within a few weeks whether models will work.

The net result: satisfied customers, fulfilled project teams, better product solutions and a better functioning freight rail industry.

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Agile's focus on collaboration allows us to deliver innovative solutions for the freight rail industry.