Drew was teaching third grade when a friend referred him for a job as a CSC specialist at Railinc. It was daunting at first. New CSC team members go through an intensive 90-day training period, learning about Railinc products, processes and the industry. But today, he manages the product support team for critical Railinc products that help keep trains moving across North America.

Opportunity to Learn, Grow

As part of the CSC team, you get trained on all our products. That gives you a great foundation for moving up in the company. You get to know all the products and the product teams, which helps give you a good understanding of where you want to go in your next role. Collaboration is important at Railinc, and I don’t think there’s a better example of it at the company. We were constantly working with each other, learning how to serve customers and solve their problems. My time in CSC also helped me develop leadership skills. I did well training other CSC team members and was able to move into the lead CSC specialist role, where I was responsible for helping my colleagues learn about the industry, our products and the company.


"You feel a sense of belonging through your work. It's much more than your everyday call center job. You have the power to make decisions that have impact."


Work that Matters

You feel a sense of belonging through your work. In CSC we get the opportunity to facilitate root-cause analysis meetings, pre-implementation meetings and other meetings where leaders in our company have crucial conversations. It’s much more than your everyday call center job. You have the power to make decisions that have impact. The team sits right outside the executive team's offices, and they know who you are and recognize that CSC is an important part of the company.

Getting to Know Customers

When you think about your interactions with customer service and call centers at other companies, there’s a script the employee is required to take you through, and the experience is usually impersonal. We have procedures in place here, but you get a more personal level of service. CSC works closely with the customer, who knows you’re invested in their success. And because of Railinc’s structure, we’re able to relay information about a customer issue to technical and business leaders in the company so we can get the problems solved faster. That helps build trust and valuable relationships with customers. Some of the customers I work with today I know well from working with them when I was in CSC.


Railinc Keeps Your Career Moving

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