What you see isn't always what you get with official job descriptions. Want to know what working on the customer success team at Railinc is like? Keep reading. Or visit the Railinc Tracks blog to find out from one of our customer success specialists.


Railinc customer support representatives discuss a case in the Customer Support Center.

Through their work each day, Railinc's Customer Success Center (CSC) specialists lay the foundation for positive customer relations across the company.

But what does a CSC specialist really do here?

The job involves more than answering phone calls, responding to emails and resetting passwords.

Our CSC team members are critical to Railinc's daily operations. When a customer has a question about or an issue with a Railinc product, the first point of contact is typically a CSC specialist. They provide in-depth support and testing for essential applications that customers use for tasks such as logging into our systems and entering data required to operate in the freight rail industry. Through their on-call rotation, they also enable Railinc to offer 24/7 emergency support.

CSC Specialists Contribute, Learn, Grow at Railinc

All Railinc CSC specialists go through a 90-day training period with a mentor to learn our products and the industry. The knowledge they gain empowers them to identify and advocate for changes that can improve our products and processes.

A Railinc customer support representative trains a new colleague.

Thanks to the CSC team's suggestions, we were able to reduce the volume of customer requests to unlock accounts by about 20 percent.

The education doesn't end when the training period is over, though. All our CSC team members receive constructive feedback from their peers during regular reviews of customer cases.

The Railinc CSC experience also provides our specialists with valuable professional and rail industry experience that can provide a solid foundation for career advancement. They support product groups and meet with product teams bi-weekly for updates, which helps them get to know our products and people throughout the company.

CSC specialists also can participate in training and development programs that help them to learn about technology and the rail industry and to identify career paths within Railinc.

For many here, our CSC team is the first stop in a successful career at Railinc; about 22 percent of our work force started their Railinc careers as a member of the CSC team. Meet some of these employees, who today are in roles including:

  • Business Analyst
  • Customer Relations Analyst
  • Product Development Manager
  • Product Support Manager

Railinc Keeps Your Career Moving

From working with technical staff in resolving a critical case to helping to facilitate the company's disaster recovery training, our CSC specialists play a key role in Railinc's continued success and get experience that helps them grow as a professional.

We're always looking for the next great CSC team member! Click here to apply.