When Sarah joined Railinc's CSC team in 2015, she knew that she was joining a company that invests in its people. Today, as a manager in the Project Management Office, she plays a key role in nurturing customer relationships, identifying customer trends and leading projects to ensure accurate pricing. Since coming to Railinc, she has earned her certified associate in project management (CAPM) certification and used the company's tuition reimbursement program to start the MBA program at Meredith College.

Valuable Experience and Industry Knowledge

In CSC, you develop a really valuable overview of the entire company and the products and customers we support. You learn by helping customers and other team members solve problems. I had the opportunity to facilitate our pre-implementation and root-cause analysis meetings. This experience taught me how important decisions about software deployments are made, how we work together to solve problems and how committed we are as an organization to deliver high-quality products to our customers.


"If you love to learn, collaborate and solve problems, you can grow at Railinc."


Strong Relationships

The relationships you build in CSC are so important. All my CSC teammates have gone onto other roles in the company, and we've grown together in the process. We've built a foundation of trust, respect and friendship, which makes working together on important projects much easier. Equally important are the relationships you build as a CSC team member that go beyond your group. In CSC, you have the chance to work with, managers and other decision-makers in the company. You work as a team to help the customers. These experiences me gave me the encouragement to pursue new and exciting opportunities here. In Customer Success, I also built important relationships with our customers, many of which I still work with today.

Support to Help You Succeed

Sometimes, when I'm representing Railinc at career fairs, I talk to people who are a little hesitant to apply because they don't have a technical background. But if you love to learn, collaborate and to solve problems, you can grow at Railinc. The training program in CSC is robust and the support is provided to help you succeed. My team was eager to teach me when I started, and I've had a lot of mentors who have encouraged me along the way. My manager also encouraged us to analyze problems, identify areas for improvement and “think outside the box.” Each day, I had an opportunity to learn something new about our products, the industry and our customers—these are the experiences that prepare you for continued success in your career.


Railinc Keeps Your Career Moving

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