Railinc 5K 2024

Employee participating in the 2024 Railinc 5K

Our fitness and wellness programs encourage, inspire, and motivate our employees to take steps towards leading a healthy lifestyle. Our Railinc staff rises to the challenge every year to create a culture of health and wellness for all employees to keep our bodies, mind, and careers moving forward.

Railinc encourages fitness, fun and accountability through its company Wellness Program, which helps employees and their families make healthy lifestyle choices and save money at the same time. This voluntary health promotion program includes:

  • a yearly flu shot clinic
  • wellness and fitness challenges
  • educational presentations
  • preventive care requirements

Employee spouses covered by Railinc insurance also participate. After participating in our Wellness Program, employees have made significant changes to improve their health, by maintaining physical activity, and eating better. Railinc averages 100 percent employee participation in the program, which helped to offset increases in the company's health-insurance premiums.

The company's support of a healthy lifestyle goes beyond incredible health insurance and personalized health information and education. We offer various fitness activities and resources to help employees stay active, including:

  • On-site fitness and yoga classes
  • On-site gym
  • Free Fitbit for all employees
  • Company-wide activities like the Railinc 5K race, cooking challenges, a yearly wellness fair, and quarterly step challenges
  • Employee-led sports and recreation teams, including volleyball, cricket, ultimate frisbee, pickleball and more

Railinc's office is also adjacent to a greenway and just a short walk to a Cary city park, providing plenty of opportunities to get outside and exercise every day.

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