For a company serving the needs of a heavy, tactile and well-established industry, innovation might seem counterintuitive. But that's exactly what Railinc focuses on each and every day. Here innovation is creative problem solving, leading to breakthroughs and an efficient rail network.

The Process
Railinc rewards fresh thinking and encourages its employees to incorporate innovation in everything they do in their jobs. Using the Agile development methodology, we create and deliver innovative products that our customers need, want and enjoy using. From rich Internet applications to mission-critical system integration to GIS development, Railinc makes innovative compelling and consequential IT products.

The Results
Railinc's progressive approach to solving problems adds value to the rail industry and helps our customers achieve their business goals. Employees are challenged to work within business constraints to make new products and improve existing products. Sometimes it's just a tweak; other times it means ruthlessly refining an application.

Our innovative solutions are a direct result of our use of Agile and our emphasis on collaboration.