Car Repair Billing (CRB) enables users to manage billing. Within CRB there are two methods for submitting invoices: the Car Repair Billing Data Exchange (CRBDX) and the Billing Repair Card (BRC) interface.

  • Car Repair Billing Data Exchange (CRBDX) is a monthly exchange for receiving and transmitting invoices to registered billed parties. CRBDX utilizes industry rules and requirements to validate received invoices.

  • Billing Repair Card (BRC) is a component of the Car Repair Billing system that provides an interface for receiving and transmitting invoices. The interface ensures that all required fields are populated before the BRC is submitted for pricing and performs basic validation on fields (such as checking that the repair date is not in the future).

The Car Repair Billing Price Master is a quarterly electronic publication with AAR-determined freight car repair charges for labor and material components. CRB users have the option of purchasing the Price Master directly from Railinc.

The Car Repair Billing Webinar, shown below, provides an overview of the Car Repair Billing process, including walk-throughs of the Billing Repair Card interface, the Car Repair Billing invoicing process, the Car Repair Billing Data Exchange process, and the Car Repair Billing Procedures Manual. Turn on/up your speakers to hear the presentation.

Car Repair Billing Demos

Railinc has developed specific task-related demos to help you learn core functions of the Car Repair Billing application. Each demo takes approximately three to four minutes to view. To view a demo at full screen, click the full screen icon in the bottom right of the video. Click it again to return to the page. For additional assistance with these tasks, consult the Billing Repair Card User Guide and Car Repair Billing Procedures Manual.

Closed captions are available in languages like Spanish and French through YouTube:

  • Select the CC icon at the bottom of task videos
  • Select the Settings wheel > Subtitles > Auto-Translate and select a language
  • Play the video from the beginning

Car Repair Billing Data Exchange

The Car Repair Billing Data Exchange (CRBDX), maintained by Railinc, is a monthly exchange of repair bills for foreign freight equipment. Repairing entities submit bills of car repairs in a proprietary format. These bills are sorted and sent to the billed party for the equipment. The data serves as detail support for paper billing documents. Selected elements of the exchanged data are retained for use in equipment failure trend analysis.

2024 CRBDX Schedule
Month Date In Production Date Date Out
January 4 5 5
February 5 6 6
March 5 6 6
April 4 5 5
May 3 6 6
June 5 6 6
July 3 5 5
August 5 6 6
September 5 6 6
October 3 4 4
November 5 6 6
December 4 5 5


Note: Any files submitted after 5pm Eastern Time on the IN date may not be included in the production run. If you have questions about the CRBDX schedule, please contact the Railinc Customer Success Center at

Billing Repair Card (BRC)

Billing Repair Card (BRC) is a component of Car Repair Billing that enables repair shops and short line and regional railroads to use an interface to report repairs, automatically price repairs against the Car Repair Billing Price Master, and send the repair data directly into Railinc's Car Repair Billing Data Exchange. BRC is designed to support more efficient business exchanges among railcar owners, freight car repair companies, and railroads. Repair shops and short line and regional railroads are able to accurately price their repairs and create invoices with BRC. Car owners benefit from the Car Repair Billing Price Master, more accurate price matrices, and data exchanges that help eliminate paper invoices.

Car Repair Billing Price Master

The Car Repair Billing Price Master is a quarterly electronic subscription publication. It includes AAR Price Master freight car repair charges for labor and material components in a machine-readable (binary) version of the Office Manual of AAR Interchange Rules, and is available via FTP from Railinc. New prices are effective January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1.

The U.S. and Canadian subscription cost is listed in the Railinc price list. For more information on the Price Master and layout refer to section 4 and Appendix F of the CRB Procedures Manual.

Click here to subscribe to the Car Repair Billing Price Master via email. Provide the information requested in the email and, upon submission, a reference case number will be provided to track the request. Notification will be sent once the subscription has been created.

For information about AAR publications, go to the AAR Publications home page.