If you’re struggling with where to start with rail data or simply want to make tracking shipments easier, Railinc’s Training Institute can help. Many of our customers struggle with creating insights from their data, but with our customized training sessions you’ll learn how to better interpret your data, gain more visibility into your rail operations, and create a more efficient business.

Railinc is pleased to share our expertise in rail operations, event reporting and more through our new training program.

Available Courses

Wheels on railroad track in motion

Railroading Operations

When you’re new to the industry, it can be difficult to piece together how railroads operate. You’ve probably experienced a train blocking your car’s path, but do you know why? This is just one of the many complexities that make the railroad system drastically different than the motor carrier or shipping industries, so it’s important that even other transportation industry veterans take the time to learn about rail. More>


railcars moving on tracks

The Loaded Railcar Shipment Cycle

Once you’ve learned the fundamentals of who the railroads are and how they operate, it’s time to learn how a loaded rail car moves. Carloads, whether they are hoppers, tanks, boxes, gondolas or intermodal flat cars, are the single most important driver of railroad business. If you’re responsible for managing shipments, it’s important to understand how the carload shipment cycle happens and exactly what each event means for you. More>


intermodal container on railroad tracks

Intermodal Operations

Carload shipments move commodities that are essential to everyday life in North America, but what about those essentials that don’t move by carload? For example, you wouldn’t ship clothes or electronics in a boxcar. While carload and intermodal can ship some of the same things, intermodal is a separate business unit with a distinct vocabulary and event cycle. With Class I’s now shipping more intermodal than carload, intermodal is critical for the North American economy, and knowledge of the distinct event cycle is crucial for properly managing your shipments. More>


railroad tracks with lights

Customized Training

If you're struggling with something that doesn't fall into a standard course offering, let us know. We'll leverage our experts in multiple areas and create a customized training course that is tailored to your specific needs. More>


With a better understanding of rail data and the significance behind specific shipment events, your team will be able to use rail data to your advantage. Start optimizing your business today.

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