The Serving Carrier/Reciprocal Switch (SCRS) file provides a standardized verification process of whether a railroad may serve, or under what conditions a railroad may serve, a specific customer at common service points.

SCRS provides a foundation for inter-industry and intra-industry communication. The SCRS website enables carriers to update and retrieve customer, serving carrier and reciprocal switch charge information in real-time. In conjunction with the Interline Settlement System (ISS) and the Rate EDI Network (REN), SCRS ensures that switch charges are applied correctly and accurately.

Using the SCRS website, carriers can query on any element of information, including Customer Identification File (CIF) numbers, customer names and switch status, creating an audit trail with robust historical data. SCRS also enables short line partners access to switch charge information without requiring Class I carrier intervention. Railinc maintains SCRS using the EDI 433 transaction set.

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