Railinc's Clear Path® System helps railroads plan, monitor and execute the movement of trains through some of the busiest terminals in North America. Clear Path is part of the ongoing Gateway Operations Services program, which focuses on enabling the exchange of timely, accurate, and actionable information to support railroad operations and facilitating proactive and efficient inter-carrier communications. Railinc is developing Clear Path under the guidance of the AAR's Chicago Planning Group (CPG).

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“Clear Path has become a mission-critical system that provides a consolidated, networked view of terminal operations in near real-time as well as critical key metrics that allow railroad personnel to plan more efficiently and react more effectively through the quick identification and remediation of terminal issues.”

     – Former CPG Co-Chair

Benefits and Functions

Clear Path provides a variety of benefits and functions, including the following:

Powerful Map View


Clear Path provides a map of all Chicago Terminal assets in one view, including trains, tracks, corridors, crossings, control points, yards, territories, and key locations.

The Map application module enables you to see an overall picture of the terminal at a glance as well as zoom in to focus on a particular area.

Streamlined Bulletin Process

Clear Path streamlines the bulletin request process; saves time by eliminating the need to make multiple, manual bulletin requests; reduces costly train delays due to bulletin delays; and provides crews with critical operating and safety information.

The Bulletins application module enables you to review bulletin activity, create a bulletin request, edit bulletin requests, and print bulletins. If you have the Division/Local Ops or Yard Access permissions, you can also manage trains and dispatch locations for bulletins for approved road mark(s) as well as manage EDI profiles.

Quick View of Interchanges

Clear Path provides a quick and easy reference of inbound and outbound trains – similar to an arrivals and departures board at an airport. It enables sending (From RR), bridge, and receiving (To RR) carriers to offer, negotiate, and agree upon operating times for interchange trains.

The Interchanges application module enables you to view train lineups as well as negotiate and document updates to Interchange Plans and manage interchange trains for approved road mark(s).

Automated Metrics


Clear Path automates much of the Scorecard data collection process and provides current and historical metrics. The Headlight Metrics Report, Train Delay Report, and the trend reports provide increased visibility into metrics associated with the flow of traffic and enable railroads to make more informed decisions on how to manage and improve the fluidity of traffic.

The Metrics application module enables you to view the Scorecard, Headlight Metrics Report, Train Delay Report, and the trend reports as well as report operational status for your road, including trains delayed, power, crews, and recrews.

Comprehensive Scheduled Maintenance View

Clear Path provides a comprehensive view of the upcoming maintenance scheduled for the Chicago Terminal.

The MOW application module enables you to view and download the weekly Maintenance of Way (MOW) schedule.

Detailed Dashboard View


Clear Path includes a dashboard containing detailed information about delayed trains, terminal operating conditions (OpCon), and important alerts from C-IROC.

The Dashboard application module enables you to view the Delayed Trains Dashboard as well as Important MOWs, Corridor Status, and Yard Status.