The Railroad Clearinghouse (RCH) is a centralized process for administering and transferring funds among railroads. Railinc serves as the RCH administrator as authorized by the Association of American Railroads. The rules for the RCH are included in the Railway Accounting Rules.

RCH performs settlements for select financial transactions between railroads and railroad partners.

  • Interline Settlement System (ISS)—All railroads participating in ISS are required to participate in the settlements of Interline Freight Revenue through the Railroad Clearinghouse.

  • Car Hire Data Exchange (CHDX)—Supporting periodic (post-operation) exchange of information to clarify payables and receivables, CHDX is a monthly exchange of time and mileage payment information.

  • Switching Settlement Data Exchange (SSDX)—Railroads providing switching services may submit a consolidated monthly billing statement electronically through SSDX instead of sending paper invoices to multiple carriers.

  • Multi-Level Pool Billing (MLPB)—Standardizes how pool repair data are reported, edited, and liabilities are calculated among participants.