The Association of American Railroads (AAR) Embargo/OPSL Notes and Permit System (AAR Embargo System), is an integrated management application that handles every step in the embargo and permit process. An embargo prevents shipments from moving to a location based on the parameters built into the AAR Embargo System. With the AAR Embargo System, railroads can issue instructions to temporarily control traffic movements, amend and cancel embargoes, and grant permits to embargoed destinations.

The AAR Embargo System also supports the Official Railroad Station List (OPSL) Notes process with similar functionality. In both cases the waybills sent to Forward and Store are evaluated for compliance to embargoes or OPSL Notes, and the sending carrier is notified if the shipment matches an active restriction. Embargoes and OPSL Notes must be compliant with AAR Circular TD-1.

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AAR Embargo Task Demos

Railinc has developed specific task-related demos to help you learn core functions. Click on the links below to open.  Be sure to turn on/up your speakers to hear the demos.

Turn on/up your speakers to hear the demos.  

Closed captions are available for task videos in languages like Spanish and French through YouTube:

  • Select the CC icon at the bottom of task videos
  • Select the Settings wheel > Subtitles > Auto-Translate and select a language
  • Play the video from the beginning