EPA Emissions eLabels

EPA Emissions eLabels is a central repository of digitized EPA emissions and other locomotive engine data that enables railroads to locate and view locomotive and engine eLabels, create industry reference data  (engine families), and manufacturers to create locomotive and engine eLabels.

One-Time Movement Approval (OTMA)

Railroads lose locomotive utilization after a qualifying event prevents the locomotive from moving due to an operational safety issue. For the railroads to move the equipment, they must request a One-Time Movement Approval from the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA). The OTMA application enables railroads to submit OTMAs to the FRA for approval to move their damaged locomotives one time to a location where they can be repaired or handled appropriately.

Locomotive Health and Status

Locomotive Health and Status enables railroads to quickly and efficiently assess a locomotive’s capability by viewing automated Umler® characteristics, Federal Inspection Status, and Subsystem Operable and Health Status for a locomotive. This application also enables railroads to create a Subsystem Health Report, Subsystem Operable Status and Health Report Notifications, as well as view and manage their Foreign Repair Authorizations.